I Have No Enemies

This week I have taught so much yoga to so many people of all ages, coming from different backgrounds, different generations, different mindsets. I watch their bodies but I see their souls as they sit peacefully, move slowly, and lie in stillness. I’ve watched the moon set as the sun, rising on the other side of the earth, casts a shadow that covered the full moon. I watched the moon rise again today, full and luminous. It is the same moon that is seen by people all over the word, of all colors, races, persuasions and religions. I’ve been an a place of deep peace, living, making my way in the world, just like all the students I have taught.

When I turn on the news and hear of great turmoil about memos releasing and opinion and words that spin around and around. Pause…I just imagine all of the people that I meet, making their way in the world regardless of all the categories we assign, regardless of all the places that they live and I don’t see any borders. And I don’t see any enemies. I just see souls and dreams and hope and struggle and people making their way on this earth just like I am, just like you are. Paraphrasing John Lennon,” I imagine all the people living life in peace.” Brene Brown’s research tells us “when you move in, it’s hard to hate.”

You may call me a dreamer but I’m not the only one. Peace out my friends. Love one another. Believe we are all one people living on the earth. We are all one.~Jai Bhagwan, Susan

If You Don’t Become the Ocean

If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick everyday. ~Leonard Cohen
The morning after Hurricane Earl kissed the outer edge of Tulum I left my beach side bungalow and walked to the edge of the sea. Despite the howling winds and pelting rain of the previous night, the waters were quiet, the sun shining softly. As I walked the beach the now tranquil waves flowed in and flowed out, the inhale and exhale of the Caribbean Sea. More evidence of the storm, an uprooted palm tree bobbed at the waters edge, displaying how closely intertwined was the cycle of storm and calm.
It was not lost on me that nature was a mirror of my inner experience, storm neighboring calm. Two weeks earlier I was shaken to the center by the sudden death of my closest friend. At that moment the inner winds were blowing, my mind swirling, seeking to find peace, meaning, answers. How inconceivable that life can be full and end so unexpectedly. How unbelievable that my practice asked me to ride the tide of loss and find inner stillness. How unimaginable that such tranquil beauty could abut a raging storm, yet how similar to our human experience.
I lifted my gaze to the sky, scanning for signs of clouds. Closing my eyes the warm sun settled on my skin. Inhaling deeply I searched for a momentary stillness, the calm ocean within. Inhale love, exhale. Inhale meaning, exhale. Inhale connection, exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Just for a moment, I became the ocean. And again, and again. 
That morning in Tulum sustained me through many wavy days. I can’t help but think Leonard Cohen was a yogi as his words so accurately describe the process of dipping below the choppy surface of our outer lives. I’m deeply thankful for the practices of Yoga that take me to the Quiet Center amid the turmoil of thought and emotion. When the howling winds of life pull you into a storm, may you become the ocean, your toes gently caressing the inner oasis of your blissful True Nature.
~Jai, Susan

Yoga 101 4 Week Series for Beginners

Wednesday, March 7-28

4 Week Series

This class is perfect for the new yoga student wishing to start at the beginning and learn the foundations of yoga asana practice and philosophy.

Offered as a 4-week series of classes and specifically designed for those who are new to the practices of yoga the emphasis will be on developing body awareness – learning to notice and experience sensations in the body while doing basic yoga postures. 

A regular yoga practice allows you to:

  • establish a deeper inner spiritual connection
  • stabilize your emotional responses
  • develop focus and concentration
  • release stress
  • build strength
  • increase flexibility
  • improve your posture
  • prevent injuries
  • improve your mental outlook
  • strengthen your immune system

No previous experience is necessary. This class is for every body type, level of strength and flexibility. Come as you are.

$52 for the 4 week series

Led by Brockell Briddle, E-RYT 200

Brockell is a passionate yoga teacher and bodyworker. She brings over a decade of study and practice to her students in both group and private settings. She is passionate about the practice of yoga as a tool for healing both physically and emotionally, and offers classes which address healing within the gross and subtle bodies. Brockell teaches through the lens of contemplation and seeks to bring awareness to internally held somatic patterns. As a dedicated student of Tias Little, her teaching style draws influence from her studies in the Iyengar Yoga method, Somatic Experiencing practices, Structural Integration, and anatomy.

Register Here.  Click On the Sign Up Button On March 7. You can pay online with a credit card by visiting the Rates Page. Questions call 864-4132. Registration is required.

The Next Best Journey

Today, my 50th Birthday, I am reflecting on what I have learned over the past decade. The past 10 years have been greatly trans-formative, freeing, shackling, inspiring, illuminating, full of gain and loss. I entered the 40’s feeling strong, unbreakable, and courageous after overcoming the difficulties with health in my younger years. I felt unstoppable actually. Movement, challenge, change, exploring, creativity and passion were all themes that I explored. And grief, loss and inner searching entered time and again, bringing me to my knees in a new and different way each time. And now I come out at 50 know these things to be true for me, my truth today:

Be kind
Sit with great intensity
Adventure outward and explore within
Move slowly whenever you want
Pay attention
Practice gratitude
Surrender control of everyone but myself
Explore silence
Seek stillness
Create a simple, sustainable life
Trust myself and be trustworthy
Hold on lightly, everything changes
Love deeply even when you know it is not forever
Live in awe of Nature
Be willing to be WOWED by the Universe
Trust in the Greater Good
Be open to the next revelation, and then the next
Live in alignment with inner truth

Thank you all my friends for the wonderful birthday wishes.  Om Namo Shivaya. I bow to the highest Consciousness within. I am deeply honored to be on the continual journey we call life. I look forward to evolving into the next best version of myself. 

Jai Bhagwan,


Lift Your Spirits with Cheer

Uplifting and cheerful, our December Oil of the Month is Cheer. This blend of citrus, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla helps promote feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness. It’s a great pick-me-up as we enter into colder, darker days of winter. You can try this blend with a free sample located on the desk, or purchase a bottle for $32. Each bottle has 80 drops, which is enough for 80 topical applications or running a diffuser 20 times for 4-8 hours each time. For the month of December, we will be diffusing Cheer in the lobby. You can read more details on the qualities of this uplifting blend here.

Essential oils have the power to uplift, focus, calm, and relax the body, mind and spirit. I’ve been using essential oils for over five years to support me and my family emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is my pleasure to help introduce these oils to our alleyCat community to help support you, our students. If you have any questions or are curious if there’s an oil that will help you with specific concerns, please reach out. I’m happy to talk with you. Blessings, Amber