Celebrating Life: A Kripalu Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Costa Rica

February 2-9, 2019

With Lynn Rossy, E-RYT 200

Recover from the holidays and the stresses of your life by beating the winter blues in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  During this Kripalu Yoga and mindfulness retreat, you will have an opportunity to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and soak in the beauty of the present moment.  

In the sacred space we create together you can allow your spirit to slowly awaken and reconnect with the simple joy of being fully alive.
Kripalu Yoga is much more than a physical discipline. Kripalu Yoga is a practice of transformation – a way to open the heart, find clarity and experience stillness within. Mindfulness is about living consciously with kindness and compassion. Both yoga and mindfulness emphasize listening to the body’s needs and respecting its limits. This approach allows each of us, beginner or experienced, to receive the benefits of the practice and make each moment one to celebrate.

As a group we will welcome each new day during your vacation with a specially designed morning Kripalu yoga class. Throughout the week you’ll learn more about yoga, mindful eating and living, and meditation. There will be a theme for each day that will lead you deeper into a celebration of life. Workshops will include yogic breathing to move energy in the body, various types of mindfulness meditation to develop inner peace and lovingkindness, and restorative yoga and yoga nidra to soothe your body and mind. 

There will be plenty of time to receive treatments at the wellness center, lounge by the pool, soak in the hot tub under the stars, take in the spectacular views, meet new friends, and enjoy the many optional eco-adventure tours which are available at Pura Vida Spa. Journey home feeling truly refreshed and re-charged, with a new appreciation for the beauty of life.
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Awakening: From the Root to the Crown A Therapeutic Yoga Retreat

Costa Rica

Jan 26 – Feb 2, 2019

with Brockell Briddle, RYT 500

“Yoga does not transform the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

– B.K.S. Iyengar

Therapeutic yoga is a type of hatha yoga that intentionally invites awareness, breath, curiosity, and space into the structures of the physical body. The intention is to create a safe environment for you to explore the inner landscape of your being while becoming intimately acquainted with your boundaries and limitations. It is designed to cultivate a sense of deep listening for oneself as well as foster your body’s own healing response. It is a suitable practice for all ages, body types, and abilities.
During this week-long therapeutic yoga journey, we will practice the art of therapeutic yoga in a safe and sacred healing environment. Our morning asana practices will consist of hatha yoga sequences designed to open, empower, and awaken our bodies from the ground up. Each morning, we will practice a different tonifying yoga sequence, specifically paired with a theme, a mantra, and a particular region of the body. In the evening workshops, we will steep in practices for the subtle body with slow movement meditations, deep stretch posture classes, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra. Aside from our group work together, there will be plenty of time and space to SIMPLY BE. Your days can be spent liberally, taking eco-adventure tours, receiving world-class bodywork sessions, or simply basking in the sunlight at the luxurious saltwater pool. And above all, there will be plenty of time to SLOW DOWN, heal, nourish, and rest

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Wholehearted: Cultivating Inner Radiance

Costa Rica

January 12 – 19, 2019

with Brockell, Briddle, RYT 500

In the heart of this winter, I invite you to nourish, strengthen, and celebrate during this week-long yoga and meditation journey for your soul. As women, we all too often find ourselves giving to everyone around us and not truly honoring our deepest needs or taking time for ourselves to fully heal from the challenges that life can bring, big or small. 
This January, give yourself the greatest gift that you can imagine – and join me – join us – in a heart felt week of practice in the art of being whole.  In your restorative week of yoga and mindfulness practice, we invite you to come home again into your being in a whole new way. Throughout our week together, we will create a safe and sacred space to honor your stories and your strengths, and all of the parts of you that have made you whole. We will use the tools of yoga, awareness practices, nature, and sisterhood to witness one another’s inner radiance to shine through. Read More »

Meet Lynn Rossy

If you have met Lynn Rossy in person, you know that she is full of life, animated, and joyful. Whether I run into her downtown at Main Squeeze, at a community event or the studio, Lynn’s eyes sparkle as she delivers an enthusiastic greeting.  Lynn has been a long-time student at alleyCat, in fact, she began practicing with Ken and Kathleen back before the studio officially began. The first time I met Lynn she was standing in the studio entry way on top of an ottoman to make herself taller and giving a humorous lecture to Ken.  Like I said, she is full of life!

A few of the reasons I am thrilled to bring Lynn in to teach at alleyCat are her background in mindfulness and meditation and her commitment to Kripalu Yoga, the tradition in which I study and in which the studio was founded. Keeping true to the “meditation in motion” aspect of Kripalu Yoga, her classes flow together seamlessly and are infused with compassion and joy.  Lynn has led MBSR classes and retreats throughout the community for a number of years and brings the grounded presence of an experienced meditation guide into her classes. Read More »

Yoga Therapeutics

This Iyengar-inspired yoga class will pay special attention to accessibility and alignment detail. Each class will have a specific sequence designed to systematically cultivate strength, flexibility, stability, and awareness while therapeutically addressing different areas of the body. We will use the support of props including blocks, chairs, belts, and the wall, to set up each asana (posture) and hold the asanas for longer periods than in a flow or vinyasa class. This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioners, from the beginner to the advanced student who wishes to expand their practice repertoire.