We offer Beginner (B),  All Levels (AL), Gentle (G), Intermediate (I), Vigorous (V) and Restorative (R) Classes

Kripalu Yoga Classes at alleyCat

Kripalu Yoga (AL)

susanreversewarriorKripalu Yoga is a traditional practice designed to awaken and align the energy in the body, quiet the mind, and access states of deep connection internally. A combination of breathwork and postures allows the student to explore posture flows and deep meditation simultaneously. Class begins with pranayama (breathing) to bring each participant fully present and open for exploration. Students then prepare for posture flows, opening the body through deep stretches and pratapana (building heat). Posture flows move slowly and purposely, and classes are designed with careful attention to movement and alignment of the spine. Often referred to as “Meditation in Motion”, all students are encouraged to move with the breath and explore each pose within their own physical limit and strengths, making this class appropriate for all levels of student.

Capturing the Spirit of Yoga (Deep Stretch Posture Practice)

This experiential class will utilize some asanas (postures), several meditation practices and pranayamas (breathing techniques) drawn from the Vijnana Bhairava. This 8th century A.D. Kashmiri text outlines the 112 “keys” that open the gates-to-heaven leading to awareness of divine consciousness. The class assumes no prior knowledge, experience or specific level of flexibility or strength and is open to all interested in exploring the deeper practices of yoga.

Deep Stretch (AL)

A series of yoga postures (asanas) held for longer periods of time encourage flexibility through the progressive release of connective tissue (fascia). This class will focus on the large muscle groups that commonly hold stress such as the hips, lower back and shoulders. This is a great class for both beginners and advanced yogis and is a recommended compliment to an active practice. Deep Stretch is taught with the philosophy of Kripalu Yoga, drawing attention to sensations in each posture in order to quiet the mind and awaken subtle energy in the body.

Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga (I, V)

Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga provides an energizing practice that begins with a thorough warm-up to awaken the body while keeping an internal, meditative focus through attention to the breath. Using a combination of strength building postures and fluid action, this practice encourages a centered approach to the challenges of asana and of life. Pacing of this class allows students to fully express each posture, yet encourages fluidity in movement and breath. Class concludes with a sequence of soothing, cooling postures and final relaxation. This challenging class is accessible for experienced students as modifications are given for varied levels of strength and flexibility. Prior yoga experience is suggested to lay the foundation for breathwork and postures.

pranayamacrop-1Pranayama (AL)

Prana refers to both the breath and the life force energy itself. Practicing Pranayama, a variety of Yogic Breathing techniques, has many benefits including increased energy and metabolism, purification, stress relief and relaxation.  This 30 minute seated practice is a guided practice of traditional Pranayama designed to increase awareness, quiet the mind and purify the body.  The practice concludes with a simple seated meditation.

Meditative Kripalu Yoga (AL)

This class includes the practice of chanting, postures, pranayama and meditation to develop awareness of prana, the subtle energy that all yogic practice is based upon. With an emphasis on physical sensation and breath awareness this class is based on the tradition of Kripalu yoga. A slower pace and a few basic postures make this class appropriate for beginners as well as more advanced students seeking an internal practice.

Classes Taught in Other Yogic Traditions

All Levels Hatha Yoga (AL, I)

000_1081All Levels Hatha welcomes you where you are.  This class combines a focus in alignment and personal awareness making it a great space to cultivate your practice.  With attention to the breath, each class introduces basic sitting, standing, and reclined postures while inviting students to challenge their own edge through modifications and variations.   Beginning students can expect support while advancing students can deepen and grow their practice.

Dharma Yoga (I, V)

dharmatwistDharma yoga is an invigorating practice beginning with Sun Salutations and moving into standing poses with longer holds to build tapas (heat), focus and settle the mind.  Slowing down to a calm pace, one’s attention drops within, and awareness is cultivated. Each class ends with pranayama and a few moments of meditation. This class is appropriate for the advanced beginner to advanced student. Variations are available to make this class accessible to most. Come with an sense of adventure to explore what you are capable of becoming.

Gentle Yoga (B, G)

Gentle yoga focuses on gentle stretches, breathing, relaxation, and asana practice sequences so that all can participate. Gentle Yoga is appropriate for new students or for students who simply prefer to move at a slower pace.  Asanas are sequenced so that students can easily move from pose to pose. Modifications are given to accommodate students with chronic symptoms such as muscle or joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue.

Yin Yoga (AL)

Take a real break!  This powerful practice takes us deeper through long holds, full breaths, and easy approaches.  Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, ligaments, bones, and joints of the body that are normally not accessed in a more active yoga class.  This class is suitable for all levels and offers a great deal of support.  Leave feeling deeply connected and at ease.

Restorative Yoga (G, R)

legs-up-the-wallRestorative yoga is a specialized practice for those who desire deep relaxation, rest, nurturing and restoration. Restorative class will have a contemplative, restful energy and aim to enhance freedom in the body while calming the nervous system and grounding you energetically. This special manner of practicing utilizes bolsters, cushions, blankets and chairs to completely support the body through a selected sequence of postures. The body then deeply relaxes while the posture is being held. All of the benefits of yoga are received without any expenditure of energy.

Sunrise Yoga (AL)

Start your day with an energizing practice that begins with gentle posture flows to awaken the body.  This grounding, balanced class will leave you focused and renewed. Each class will conclude with guided meditation and savasana.

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga (AL, I)

This all levels class integrates the principals of alignment into a vinyasa flow practice.  Vinyasa practice will help detoxify the body, increase stamina, strength, flexibility, and focus, while creating balance and rhythm among breath, movement, and stillness. Students will engage in a moving meditation while honoring their foundation and “the marriage of breath and movement.”

Yoga Nidra (R)

Yoga Nidra, an ancient Tantric Yoga practice (literally “sleep of the yogis”), is a method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation while remaining totally alert and aware. Yoga Nidra is practiced to reduce stress, overcome insomnia, solve personal problems, resolve trauma, and overcome fear, anger and depression. As well, it is an experience of inquiry and meditation designed to facilitate awakening to one’s true nature.

Community Yoga (AL)

warrioriicrop2Community Yoga is a traditional hatha yoga practice designed for all to participate. Centering, asana practice, yogic breathing and relaxation will recenter your spirit and realign the body. alleyCat Community Yoga drop-in classes cost only $7 or 2 credits and offer students an opportunity to experience yoga at a deeply discounted price. This is our opportunity to support our community and thank you for supporting our studio.

Yoga Camp TreesKids Yoga

Kids Yoga is offered through our sister program, Yoga to Grow. 

Yoga to Grow offers a child-centered, imaginative way for children to learn yoga in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. At Yoga to Grow, children are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a fun-filled way.

The mission of Yoga to Grow is to provide yoga as a tool for children to discover the strength of their bodies, the power of their imagination and the peacefulness of a quiet mind.

Yoga to Grow offers classes for babies to tweens. Visit Yoga to Grow to find out more about our classes for babies, toddlers, children and families.