We offer Beginner (B),  All Levels (AL), Gentle (G), Intermediate (I), Vigorous (V) and Restorative (R) Classes  Check the Events Page for special event classes

Classes for Beginners or Beginner Friendly 

Yoga 101 (B) This class is designed for the new yoga student wishing to start at the beginning and learn the foundations of yoga asana, breath work and philosophy. Offered as a 4-week series and designed for those who are new to the practices of yoga, the emphasis will be on learning yogic breathing and common yoga postures while developing body awareness. We will study alignment and techniques for common postures, building the practice from the ground up in a safe manner suitable to beginners. Registration Required. Offered January, March, September and November at 7:00 pm on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Gentle Yoga (B, G) Gentle yoga focuses on gentle stretches, breathing, relaxation, and asana practice sequences so that all can participate. Gentle Yoga is appropriate for new students or for students who simply prefer to move at a slower pace. Asanas are sequenced so that students can easily move from pose to pose. Modifications are given to accommodate students with chronic symptoms such as muscle or joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue. Monday 9:15, Monday 5:30p, Thursday 9:15a

All Levels Classes

All Levels Hatha Yoga (AL) The term hatha yogaencompasses all of the lineages and styles of yoga. In All Levels Hatha Yoga, the practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), help bring peace to the mind and body, in preparation for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.  As the class moves through postures, which are held for several breaths, students are invited to challenge their own edge through modifications and variations. Transitions between postures are smooth but accessible for all levels of students. Beginning students can expect support while advancing students can deepen and grow their practice. Hatha classes are slower paced and more accessible to beginners than vinyasa style classes. Tuesday 5:30p, Saturday 9:00a 

Kripalu Yoga (AL) Kripalu Yoga is a traditional practice of yoga asana (postures) designed to awaken and align the energy in the body, quiet the mind, and access states of deep awareness. A combination of breath work (pranayama) and postures (asana) allows you to explore posture flows and deep meditation simultaneously. Class begins with pranayama to bring each participant fully present. Students then prepare for posture flows, opening the body through deep stretches and pratapana (building heat). Posture flows move slowly and purposely, and classes are designed with careful attention to movement and alignment of the spine. Often referred to as “Meditation in Motion”, all students are encouraged to move with the breath and explore each pose within their own physical limit and strengths, making this class appropriate for all levels of student. Kripalu Yoga Teachers study at the Kripalu Center in the lineage of Swami Kripalvanandijii for whom this style of yoga is named.Tuesday 9:15a, Wednesday 9:15a, Wednesday 5:30p, Friday 4:30p

Deep Stretch (AL) A series of yoga postures (asanas) held for longer periods of time encourage flexibility through the progressive release of connective tissue (fascia). This class will focus on the large muscle groups that commonly hold stress such as the hips, lower back and shoulders. This is a great class for both beginners and advanced yogis and is a recommended compliment to an active practice. Deep Stretch is taught with the philosophy of Kripalu Yoga, drawing attention to sensations in each posture in order to quiet the mind and awaken subtle energy in the body. Thursday 5:30, Saturday 10:30a

Kundalini Yoga (AL to I) is a weave of the physical and spiritual. It is designed to strengthen the nervous and glandular systems while balancing the emotions and healing the psyche to create a more balanced, happier, and fit person. Practitioners often experience increased strength, flexibility and resilience as well as an increase in intuition and connection to Source. Kundalini Yoga’s presents a unique aspects of Breath Work, Meditations and Mantras as well as sequencing of exercises and poses to stay healthy, happy and fulfilled. Class begins with tuning in, warm-up, a Kriya (poetic sequence of exercises and poses for a multi-dimensional purpose), rest with the healing sound of the gong and a meditation or chant. The practices move at a gentle yet invigorating aerobic pace, with an ability to modify for beginning to advanced students. Monday 7:00p

Pranayama (AL) Prana refers to both the breath and the life force energy itself. Practicing Pranayama, a variety of Yogic Breathing techniques, has many benefits including increased energy and metabolism, purification, stress relief and relaxation.  This 30 minute seated practice is a guided practice of traditional Pranayama designed to increase awareness, quiet the mind and purify the body.  The practice concludes with a simple seated meditation. Wednesday 8:30a

Restore and Connect (AL) begins with 30 minutes of restorative yoga poses which help unwind and release stored tension in the body in a gentle and supportive way. A strong focus on the breath cultivates a calm, open and introspective experience and settles the mind. We build on this foundation, using Pranayama (breathing exercises), to consciously direct, focus and balance our energy. These practices are preparation for a deep meditation in the last 15-20 minutes of class. Using these techniques we enhance our awareness of our own deep knowing and develop a sense of equanimity, an ability to stay open and engage in the reality of every moment no matter what life brings. Friday Noon

Sunrise Yoga (AL) Start your day with an energizing practice that begins with gentle posture flows to awaken the body.  This grounding, balanced class will leave you focused and renewed. Each class will conclude with guided meditation and savasana. Monday – Friday 6:30a

Community Yoga (AL) Community Yoga is a traditional hatha yoga practice designed for all to participate. Centering, asana practice, yogic breathing and relaxation will brighten your spirit and realign the body. alleyCat Community Yoga drop-in classes cost only $7 cash, check or yoga pass (no credit cards accepted for this class) and offers students an opportunity to experience yoga at a deeply discounted price. This is our opportunity to support our community and thank you for supporting our studio. Sunday 10:30a, Noon and 4:00p

Classes for Experienced Students

Vinyasa Yoga ( I , V) Vinyasa, meaning “to place attention in a special way” is a style of yoga where breath and movement are linked together rhythmically, cultivating fluidity, flexibility and strength while balancing movement and stillness. A Vinyasa class integrates the principals of alignment into a flowing practice experience while offering posture and transition options to students of differing levels. Vinyasa practice moves at a quicker pace than other yoga asana practice and requires basic flexibility, breath awareness and strength. Some yoga experience is suggested. Monday Noon, Thursday Noon, Friday 9:15a 

Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga (I, V) provides an energizing practice while keeping an internal, meditative focus through attention to the breath. Using a combination of strength building postures and fluid action, this practice encourages a centered approach to the challenges of asana. The moderate pacing of this class allows students to fully express each posture, yet encourages fluidity in movement and breath. This challenging class is accessible for experienced students as modifications are given for varied levels of strength and flexibility. Prior yoga experience is suggested to lay the foundation for breath work (pranayama) and postures. The ability to make or modify posture transitions (such as stepping forward from Downward Dog into lunge) is needed to be comfortable with this intermediate practice. This class is not appropriate for brand new students. Kripalu Yoga Teachers study at the Kripalu Center in the lineage of Swami Kripalvanandijii for whom this style of yoga is named. Thursday Noon  

Kids Yoga 

Kids Yoga is offered through our sister program, Yoga to Grow. Yoga to Grow offers a child-centered, imaginative way for children to learn yoga in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. At Yoga to Grow, children are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a fun-filled way.

Yoga to Grow offers classes for babies to tweens. Visit Yoga to Grow to find out more about our classes for babies, toddlers, children and families.