Yesterday was a struggle. I resented the sunshine and just wanted to spend my one day off doing a bunch of nothing. I watched the news incessantly, binge watched a new show and finally took my mat outside to lie in the sun. Eventually B and I made up a soccer game in the living room to get moving and to entertain ourselves. Overworking is difficult. Boredom is real as well.

One of the things I have become aware of is that I am personally up and down with EVERYTHING right now. Taking a business to a brand new online model in 3 days is not what I would call “relaxing”. For me boredom has not been a thing until yesterday. Life has been nonstop problem solving, learning and teaching.

That has led me to reflect on how every person I speak with is experiencing this crisis in different ways. 

Some of us are alone. Some of us have more togetherness than usual at home.
Some of us are less busy. Some of us are working harder than ever.
Some of us have lost jobs. Some of us are working in essential infrastructure.
Some of us feel isolated. Some of us feel peaceful.
Some of us are healthy. Some of us are at risk.
Some of us are afraid. Some of us are unconcerned.
Some of us welcome the break. Some of us are restless.
Some of us are hopeful. Some of us are losing hope.
Some of us are watching the news.
Some of us are avoiding the news.
Some of us can think of nothing else. Some of us want to focus on anything else.

It goes on and on.

But I do know that likely All of us are living with uncertainly.

It has become apparent to me that this is a time to practice compassion and empathy for self and others like never before. Imagine what it might be like and feel for those who have lost their livelihood, those struggling with isolation, those working jobs and homeschooling, those living with fear and anxiety, those required to work to support our communities well being.

We have no idea what the experience is next door, down the street, or even in our own families.

Living with uncertainty is a breeding ground for fear and anxiety and I am doing the best I can.

And I am reminding myself that it won’t last forever.
And I am reminding myself to breathe.
And I am reminding myself to root my feet into the earth.
And I am reminding myself to name something I am grateful for.
And I am reminding myself that there is an Us and it is everyone on this amazing globe

Sending love and light to myself and to each and everyone of you