Today, my 50th Birthday, I am reflecting on what I have learned over the past decade. The past 10 years have been greatly trans-formative, freeing, shackling, inspiring, illuminating, full of gain and loss. I entered the 40’s feeling strong, unbreakable, and courageous after overcoming the difficulties with health in my younger years. I felt unstoppable actually. Movement, challenge, change, exploring, creativity and passion were all themes that I explored. And grief, loss and inner searching entered time and again, bringing me to my knees in a new and different way each time. And now I come out at 50 know these things to be true for me, my truth today:

Be kind
Sit with great intensity
Adventure outward and explore within
Move slowly whenever you want
Pay attention
Practice gratitude
Surrender control of everyone but myself
Explore silence
Seek stillness
Create a simple, sustainable life
Trust myself and be trustworthy
Hold on lightly, everything changes
Love deeply even when you know it is not forever
Live in awe of Nature
Be willing to be WOWED by the Universe
Trust in the Greater Good
Be open to the next revelation, and then the next
Live in alignment with inner truth

Thank you all my friends for the wonderful birthday wishes.  Om Namo Shivaya. I bow to the highest Consciousness within. I am deeply honored to be on the continual journey we call life. I look forward to evolving into the next best version of myself. 

Jai Bhagwan,