Homework and Resources for 200 Hour YTT

November / December YTT Weekend 9 Assignments 

YTT Philosophy Review Assessment

YTT Practice Teach 3 .docx

October YTT Weekend 8 Assignments 

YTT Homework for October

September YTT Weekend 7 Assignments 

YTT Practice Teach 2 Sequence INFO

YTT Weekend 7 Reading

August YTT Weekend 6 Assignments 

YTT Sequencing Homework

Begin Reading Bhagavad Gita (Discussion in October)

YTT – August Homework

July YTT Weekend 5 Assignments and Information

YTT Weekend 5 (July) Homework and Reading

YTT Weekend 5 (July) Anatomy Homework and Reading (1)

YTT – Anatomy Articles for Review June (1)

STUDY HALL DATES & TIMES- June 12, June 26 7pm-8:30p.  The time is informal you may arrive between 7-7:30 and leave as needed. Study Hall will be work in partners or small groups to work on your goals including cueing, demonstration and dynamic language. Please sign up to let us know you plan to attend at www.alleycatyoga.com/schedule

June YTT Weekend 4 Assignments and Information

YTT Philosophy and Training Manual Homework Weekend 4

Anatomy Homework-June

STUDY HALL DATES & TIMES- May 29, June 12, June 26 7pm-8:15p.  The time is informal. Please arrive at 7p and leave when you have met your goal. Communication regarding what you wish to work on is appreciated. Please sign up to let us know you plan to attend at www.alleycatyoga.com/schedule

Resources Needed:

  • Training Manual
  • Trail Guide to the Body (Saturday)
  • The Path of the Yoga Sutras: A Practical Guide to the Core of Yoga (Sunday)
  • Journal, Notebooks, Writing Instruments, Book Bag
May YTT Weekend 3 Assignments and Information

YTT Practice Teach 1 (1)

YTT Reading Assignments Weekend 3

April YTT Weekend 2
Assignments for Weekend 2

YTT – April Anatomy Homework

YTT Philosophy Reading Assignment Weekend 2

YTT April Training Manual Reading

Resources from Weekend 1

The Yoga Sutras translated by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati

Dirgha | Three-Part Breath Video

YTT Schedule


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