Looking for information or a studio tour? The studio is open 15 minutes before and after each class. If you wish to meet with the studio director, Susan Mathis, for more information or a studio tour, please call or text 573-864-4132 or email Susan using the contact form. You may find it helpful to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Stop by 15 minutes before a class begins to speak with a teacher. Please check the schedule to confirm.

Monday to Wednesday

  • 9:00-1:15 pm
  • 5:10-8:15 pm


  • 9:00-1:15 pm
  • 5:10-7:00 pm


  • 9:00-1:15 pm
  • 4:10-6:00 pm


  • 8:45 – Noon


  • 10:15-11:30 am
  • 3:45-5:00-pm

The studio is closed daily from 1:15-5:10 pm except for any times specifically mentioned above.