February 3-10, Pura Vida, Costa Rica

Led by Brockell Briddle

Rumi – “The Wound is where the Light enters you.”

We all have wounds. Some of them are fresh – open sores from the recent past. Others have “healed” over, turning into scars and leaving imprints on your heart. Maybe you have been sorting through grief from the loss of loved one, or have heartbreak from the loss of a marriage or partnership. Perhaps you have been battling an illness, or have battled an illness in the past and won. Or maybe the weight of “everyday life” is taking its toll. Whatever your wounds may be, whether they are recent or old, scarred, scabbed, or still bleeding, your wounds are a part of you. They are what make you who you are: they are what make you WHOLE.

In the heart of this winter, I invite you to nourish, strengthen, and celebrate during this week-long yoga and meditation journey for your soul. As women, we all too often find ourselves giving to everyone around us and not truly honoring our deepest needs or taking time for ourselves to fully heal from the challenges that life can bring, big or small.
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