Resistance is Futile

There are three things I know about myself; I hate change, I resist change and my “story” is that change is not my friend. Simultaneously there are two things I know about the Universe; everything changes and resistance is futile.

Last week was a whopper, a butt kicker, a doosie (insert your favorite phrase here). In the midst of said week things were coming at me from all directions. My survival method kicked in, I put my head down and plowed through. Finally, on Thursday morning space opened up in my schedule and I had a moment to hit pause.  The feel of the sun on my skin and the sound of the wind chimes on the porch softened the gripping on my body and in my mind. Sitting in quiet reflection I was able to step back and become aware of why I felt so shut down mentally and emotionally. During this pause I became aware that my friend resistance was sitting next to me.
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Love Lives Here

Yesterday I accidentally used the phrase “loves here” instead of “lives here”. A wise friend commented “shouldn’t loves here and lives here be one in the same?” This morning I woke thinking of these words that I found to ring true. Whether in a physical structure or in a more ethereal realm, lives here and loves here represents the essence of “doing and being” in harmony. During the past year the sun appeared to be obscured by clouds that would never pass over. Wakened by the gentle sun I thought I would never see again, summer flowers have bloomed and grown with tender attention on my back porch for the first time in years. Each flower is a bud of hope, a sign of new life, blooming forth from the seed that lay dormant through the winter. Life blooms here again. Love blooms here again. Love lives here. I love here. 

Jai Bhagwan. Victory to the Love in each of our hearts.  ~Susan