What is Meditative Yoga?

Pranayama, chanting, and meditation are always my favorite part of a yoga class, yet these are the practices that are usually given the least amount of time or skipped entirely. My Meditative Yoga class grew out of my desire to share these practices which have benefited me the most.

As an acupuncturist, I have noticed that many of my patients would benefit from more skillfulness in ways to do less and relax more. Depletion of the physical, mental, and emotional energy can be addressed by learning how to relax fully at each of these levels. Learning how to slow down, let go, and discover the wealth of ease and vitality that arises from simply being present is the goal of this class.

We begin each class with a body scan to get us grounded in our bodies and out of the mental busyness of the day. Simple pranayama (breath work) and mudras to open the lungs precede our practice of chanting. I bring my harmonium and lead the class in a very simple Sanskrit chant for about 10 minutes to experience the vibration of the sounds of the chant and feel the warming of the body from the deep breathing that happens when we chant, followed with time to notice the building of the subtle energy (prana) that is strengthened by both pranayama and chanting. Read More »

Kripalu Yoga

All Levels

Kripalu Yoga is a traditional practice of yoga asana (postures) designed to awaken and align the energy in the body, quiet the mind, and access states of deep awareness. A combination of breath work (pranayama) and postures asana) allows you to explore posture flows and deep meditation simultaneously. Class begins with pranayama to bring each participant fully present. Students then prepare for posture flows, opening the body through deep stretches and pratapana (building heat). Posture flows move slowly and purposely, and classes are designed with careful attention to movement and alignment of the spine. Often referred to as “Meditation in Motion”, all students are encouraged to move with the breath and explore each pose within their own physical limit and strengths, making this class appropriate for all levels of student.

Kripalu Yoga Teachers study at the Kripalu Center in the lineage of Swami Kripalvanandijii for whom this style of yoga is named. Tuesday 9:15, Wednesday 9:15, Wednesday 5:30, Friday 4:30 

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All Levels, Meditative

Prana refers to both the breath and the life force energy itself. This 30 minute seated practice is a guided practice of traditional pranayama designed to increase awareness, quiet the mind and purify the body. The practice concludes with a simple seated meditation. Practicing pranayama, a variety of yogic breathing techniques, has many benefits including increased energy and metabolism, purification, stress relief and relaxation.  

This class is by donation or 1 yoga pass credit.
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Vinyasa Yoga

Intermediate and Above

Vinyasa, meaning “to place attention in a special way” is a style of yoga where breath and movement are linked together rhythmically, cultivating fluidity, flexibility and strength while balancing movement and stillness. A Vinyasa class integrates the principals of alignment into a flowing practice experience while offering posture and transition options to students. Vinyasa practice moves at a quicker pace than other yoga asana practice and requires basic flexibility, breath awareness and strength. Some yoga experience is suggested. A related practice style is Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa style classes are linked to various yoga lineages as vinyasa is a style of practice sequencing rather than a specific yoga tradition or lineage. Monday Noon, Thursday Noon, Friday 9:15a 
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Dharma Yoga

 Intermediate to Vigorous

Dharma yoga is an invigorating practice beginning with Sun Salutations then moves into standing poses with longer holds to build tapas (heat), focus and settle the mind. The practice then slows down to a calm pace so that your attention drops within, cultivating awareness. Each class ends with pranayama (breath work) and a few moments of meditation. This class is appropriate for the advanced beginner to advanced student. Variations are available to make this practice accessible to most. Come with an sense of adventure to explore what you are capable of becoming. 

Dharma Yoga Teachers study and teach in the lineage of Sri Dharma Mittra for whom this style of yoga is named.
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