At alleyCat Yoga our intention is to create a safe and sacred space so that the benefits of the practices of yoga can be fully realized by all.
~Ken McRae

I hope all is well with you. I want to fill you in about what is happening at the studio as the community around us begins to stir and contemplate reopening. Personally I have had some fear about this transition as I am faced with making difficult decisions in the midst of uncertainty.

After considerable reflection and information gathering I find solace in the original mission of the studio to hold both safe and sacred space. At this time that space is created in our Live Online classes and it feels right and ethical for that to continue for now.

In order to maintain safety, alleyCat will NOT resume In-studio classes when the Stay at Home Order ends on May 4. We will continue LIVE ONLINE classes through May 15 and most likely through the entire month of May.

On May 15, using information from experts, science, and City of Columbia guidelines, I will share more information regarding a date when in-studio classes will gradually resume. This decision will be made using the yogic practices of non-harming and energy conservation–sustainability.

We remain a thriving community and every decision is made to support your safety and your practice while continuing to keep our community thriving in-person when the time is right. Luna and I are working on a plan to gradually return to In-studio classes when it is appropriate. Expect to see a gradual transition at first from Online to In-studio classes.

I look forward to the day that I can see you in person. Until that time I am grateful that our studio continues to come together online to share safe and sacred space.

Jai Bhagwan,