ALL Scheduled Classes are LIVE ONLINE via ZOOM

So how are we going to do this and what do you need to know? Let’s get right down to it. You need your practice now more than ever and we want and need you to stay committed to your practice and to your yoga community. Here are things you need to know:

How Do I See the Live Broadcast


Get Set Up for Home Practice

  • Set up a favorable place
  • Minimize distractions such as your phone
  • Get your mat, some blocks or a chair (something that supports you based on your needs) a cushion and / or a supportive blanket to sit on
  • Set up your tablet or laptop where you can see and hear it

The chorus to the song “Come Together” by the Beatles keeps playing over and over in my head. We need to Come Together, Right Now and support one another through this. This is the time to root into practice. Thank goddess yoga is about becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. Inhale, Exhale.

Let’s do this. We are all in this together.

~ Susan