Thursdays, November 12-December 10, 7-8:15p

4 Week Series

with Lynn Rossy

 $60 or 16 credits

A deep and transformational marriage of the magic of energy and the power of yoga. ~ Cyndi Dale


EMYoga blends easy-to-learn energy medicine techniques and traditional yoga to amplify the benefits of your practice without increasing your time on the mat.  These two powerful paradigms of yoga and energy medicine help influence the direction of our body’s energy patterns in order to create positive change. The model of energy medicine is from Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine, and maps energy found in three traditional systems: (1) Celtic healing arts, (2) Traditional Chinese Medicine, and (3) Yoga (asana, pranayama, chakra, and nadis). EMYoga weaves these ancient wisdoms together to help you heal, balance your immune system, and increase your vitality. 

In this 4 week series, we will learn, explore and practice basic EMYoga techniques that you can integrate into your current yoga practice. An explanation of each technique will give you an understanding of its purpose and the practice will help you discover and strengthen your own energy field as you learn how your own unique energy works. 

Note: This class does not meet on November 26, Thanksgiving Day

Each experience will include:

~ Short Lecture about each EMYoga teachnique
~ Yoga Practice that incorporated the EMYoga technique
~ Pranayama
~ Discussion

Designed for new and experienced yoga practitioners, this series is open for all those who wish to learn about this exciting new practice that harnesses your own energy for health and healing.

About the Class Format

This is a month-long program, consisting of four 75-minute practices taught via Zoom LIVE ONLINE. Each class will open with a short introduction of EMYoga techniques, followed by asana and pranayama practice. A short video of some of the techniques will be available for daily practice throughout the four weeks. 

Week 1 — The Wake Up, Celtic Weave, and the Penetrating Flow 

Week 2 — The Five Elements

Week 3 — Neurolymphatic and Gait Clearing 

Week 4 — Soothing Stress the EMYoga way

$60 or 16 Pass Credits

Led by Lynn Rossy, E-RYT 200

Lynn is an internationally-known expert in mindfulness and a Kripalu yoga teacher at alleyCat. Lynn’s teaching combines the wisdom and clarity of mindfulness with the heart-centered, meditative aspects of Kripalu Yoga.  Known for her joy and her passion for spiritual practice through both the Yogic and Buddhist Traditions, she has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years.

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