Wednesdays, October 7- 28, 7-8:15p

Movement, Pranayama and Meditation

4 Week Series

with Susan Mathis

 $60 or 16 credits

You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather. ~Pema Chodron


Pranayama, yogic breathing, guides the flow of energy in our body and naturally leads us to a state of heightened concentration and inward focus. Meditation is a practice in which we train our mind to maintain a steady focus in order to strengthen attention, deepen awareness, and cultivate happiness, and well-being. Combined with simple yoga postures, pranayama and meditation guide us from a place of doing into a state of being, centered and connected with our true nature.

In this 4 week series, we will learn, explore and practice guided pranayama and meditation techniques designed to cultivate awareness and a sense of open presence. Simple, accessible yoga postures will open the body to prepare for seated practice and develop body-mind connection. A short discussion, before and after practice, will allow you to deepen your understanding, self-reflect and connect with fellow students. 

Anchor yourself in the present and expand your meditation and pranayama practice through guided techniques that engender attention and generate non-judgmental awareness. Cultivate focused attention and open awareness, as we unite yoga asana, breath work and meditation practices that calm anxiety and center both body and mind.

This experience will include:

~ Short Yoga Practice
~ Pranayama
~ Meditation
~ Discussion

Designed for new and experienced practitioners, this series is open for all those who wish to learn or deepen their practice of pranayama and meditation. 

About the Class Format

This is a month-long program, consisting of four 75-minute practices taught via Zoom LIVE ONLINE. Each class will open with a short contextual talk, introduction of a breathing or meditation technique, followed by asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Participants will receive resources and quotes for contemplation throughout the series. Recordings of the practice will be made available to all registrants and accessible for 30 days following the series.

Week 1 — Anchor the Mind

Week 2 — Be Here

Week 3 — Cultivate Compassion

Week 4 — Explore Awareness

$60 or 16 Pass Credits

Led by Susan Mathis, E-RYT 500, RCYT, YACEP

Susan is deeply committed to the practice of yoga, pranayama and conscious living. She brings the elements of Kripalu Yoga to each class, inviting students to use yoga as a means to explore the space on the inside in order to access deep layers of awareness. A Professional Level, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, she offers steady guidance and practical knowledge while infusing the deep wisdom of contemplative practices into her teaching. 

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