Wow, things are moving quickly in our country, around the world, in our community and in the yoga community. These are the times when we must dip in to the depths of our practice and act with intention. Our country and the globe is in a crises and we are all being asked to do what we can to Flatten the Curve. Today I have made the decision to take that action.
In a time when we need one another most, what we must do is limit contact in order to protect one another and our most vulnerable population and lessen the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, we live in a time where we can connect on the phone, on social media and online in order to pull together and support one another.
After watching this situation closely and taking advice from experts at at the CDC, WHO, as well as Yoga Alliance, all classes will move to ONLINE LIVE STREAMING ONLY beginning Wednesday at 8:30 am.
As a result of the efforts of Tula Software, our studio software, you will be able to practice with your teacher from wherever you are, easily and simply through the View Broadcast links on the Studio Schedule website page. This will allow your teacher to see who is participating in the class and to teach to you, their student, just as they always do. You will also be able to communicate with the teacher before and after the class and talk with other students before and after the class.
The View Broadcast link will appear on the Schedule for classes in which you are registered WHEN you are LOGGED IN to your Student Account.
This is an arena that I never imagined jumping into and this in a situation that I never envisioned taking place. Like all new endeavors, there will be a learning curve and some snafus may happen. I ask that when that occurs you reach out to me so I can help you. Thankfully, the process is simple but there are a few steps to take before you take your class online.
It is so important to me and to the teachers that we remain connected and continue to come together for practice during this trying time. You may find that you need your practice more than ever. We want to connect with you and continue to share sacred community time together in the safest way during this crisis. By taking these steps, both by taking physical distance and staying together as a yoga community online, we ensure that we will come back together in person again at the studio when the time is right.
I will be at the studio tomorrow and Tuesday as will the yoga teachers. Please check the website and Facebook page and Blog often for updates as well as your email. I will upload an instruction video soon. I will reach out again tomorrow with more information and / or videos.
And also, I have plenty of toilet paper (enough for a yoga studio) and I’m happy to give you some. Please reach out for help on anything 573-864-4132 or email me through the contact form.
Jai Bhagwan,