February 6-27

Thurdays, 7:00-8:15 pm

The Dharma Yoga Series is designed for strong beginning students or experienced students who wish to grow their practice in both physical, mental and energetic awareness.  Detailed instruction of physical postures, breath work and meditation will lead participants through the Dharma Yoga sequence.  Dharma yoga is a practice with deep roots in the classical yoga teachings. This practice impacts more than just the physical body, cultivating changes within the emotional, mental and spiritual experiences of the student.  A strong and mindful practice, Dharma Yoga helps develop awareness, courage and equanimity.  As you develop strength and grace in facing the challenges of your yoga practice, you also practice facing the challenges of life with grace and strength.
Dharma yoga is an invigorating practice beginning with Sun Salutations and moving into standing poses with longer holds to build tapas (heat), focus and settle the mind.  Then slowing down to a calm pace one’s attention drops within, and awareness is cultivated. Each class ends with pranayama and a few moments of meditation. 
$60 or 16 credits
Led by Luna Langer, DYT 200
Luna discovered yoga over 10 years ago. Having always enjoyed athletics she was impressed with the strength, flexibility and stamina that yoga develops, however, she was most delighted by the serenity she felt after practicing. In order to better understand how to intentionally cultivate this inner peace, Luna entered the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training  with Sri Dharma Mittra. Luna teaches Dharma yoga which blends a strong physical practice with pranayama, relaxation and meditation to bring about self-transformation. Her classes emphasize healthy form, improved focus and a joy of movement.