Saturday, October 19, 2-4 pm

Our busy modern lifestyles can create a sense of imbalance in our bodies, heart, and minds. This workshop will help you achieve and maintain a more balanced body–supporting alignment of your neuromuscular system–and overall better health and wellbeing. Finding balance in your body is accomplished through recognizing common muscle imbalances that might be causing discomfort, practicing specific postures to correct imbalances, identifying habits that can pull your body out of balance, and learning what to stretch and what to strengthen in your body.

Using the tools of asana practice, pranayama, and meditation, learn how to take your practice to a new level. By incorporating this information into your practice, you will be able to more precisely choose the postures most beneficial for your body. Part lecture and part yoga practice, the postures in this class are suitable for all levels.

$28 or 8 Credits

Lynn Rossy, E-RYT 200

Lynn is an internationally-known expert in mindfulness and a Kripalu yoga teacher at alleyCat. Lynn’s teaching combines the wisdom and clarity of mindfulness with the heart-centered, meditative aspects of Kripalu Yoga.  Known for her joy and her passion for spiritual practice through both the Yogic and Buddhist Traditions, she has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years. She has been a long-time yoga student of Ken McRae and trained in iRest yoga nidra with Richard Miller and restorative yoga with Judith Lasater. Lynn is particularly adept at teaching yoga and meditation to all levels of students. Her favorite mottos are: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga” and “Yoga should feel delicious!” 

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