Friday, October 25, 6:30-7:45 pm

In this Breathwork class we combine the simple, profound basic breath (inhale, exhale, repeat) with gentle yogic movements. Using this soft flow of breath dancing with calm movements, we create openness and space in the body and mind effortlessly.

This moving meditation unravels the busyness of our mental chatter and releases the contraction of stress from the body, and we are left in the sweet, sacred inner space communing with our own deepest, true self. Experiment with the power of the breath, connect to your true nature and listen to your soul. 

$16 or 4 credits

Led by Luna Langer, DYT 200

Luna discovered yoga over 15 years ago. Having always enjoyed athletics she was impressed with the strength, flexibility and stamina that yoga develops, however, she was most delighted by the serenity she felt after practicing. In order to better understand how to intentionally cultivate this inner peace, Luna entered the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training with Sri Dharma Mittra. Luna’s classes blend the physical practice of asana with pranayama, relaxation and meditation to bring about self-transformation. Her classes emphasize healthy form, improved focus and a joy of movement.

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