6 October 2010 20:45 Added November 21/10

Psychological support for the power of yoga practice in discovering yourself, becoming authentic and developing connection. Focus on fear and shame.

Beliefs:Meditation 19 October 2010 10:02 Added November 12/10
Joseph Goldstein interviewed on abc TV. Interviewer’s testimonial “most exhilirating experience of my life”.

What’s my Core Message?
 30 August 2006 9:42 Added September 23/10
Gangaji an American born non dual teacher and author.

Reality is a Holographic Illusion 19 October 2009 10:10 Added September 6/10
The physics of consciousness and how thoughts shape reality.

As It Is 16 June 2009 7:09 Added September 5/10
Explaination of non dualism by Tom Bolton. Very clear.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries 30 Oct 2009 4:11 Added Aug 24/10
Inspiring videos about Nick Vujici

A Random act of Consciousness December 2007 1:43
What a wonderful world it could be. Read more here.

World’s Cute Yoga Teacher 0:53
Very fun video.

Satsanga with Mooji 11 February 2009 6:54
An antidote for depression – my personal favourite.

Satsanga with Marlies Cocheret 27 Oct 2009 1:34:20
Never not here with Marlies. “just let it be…

Puppetji on Enlightenment 21 March 2007 1:50
All is an illusion. Lets party! Turn volume down. This video is a little rude.

Puppetji on Seeing 21 March 2007 2:13
Seeing is an illusion don’t you see.

Puppetji Who am I 27 Nov 2007 4:01
Just be in this moment… This is a little crude but life is crude.

Jim Carrey on Awakening 4 June 2009 2:31
A short talk about his personal experience of insight.

Hanuman Chalisa 9:47
Homage to Neem Karoli Baba with Krishna Das

Why Mom’s Can’t do Yoga 9 April 2008 1:09
Very cute video of mom doing headstand and baby…

When the Monks came to Chant at Kripalu 29 April 2009 1:43
Very creative and interesting short poem.

Ksenlya Simonova 8:33
Absolutely amazing sand-drawing.

Flexibility Dance 3:44
Just a fun old-time act.