September 5 – 26

Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm

Meditation is a timeless practice with a wide spectrum of benefits. Put simply, meditation is a practice in which we train our minds to maintain a steady focus in order to strengthen our attention, deepen our awareness, and cultivate happiness, well-being, and stable peace of mind. In this 4 week series, we will learn, practice, and discuss this topic, creating a solid foundation for your personal meditation practice while sharing time in conscious community.

A wide array of techniques such as mindful movement, breath work, and guided visualization will be introduced to calm the mind and draw your awareness inward. A short discussion, before and after practice, will allow you to deepen your understanding, self-reflect and connect with fellow students.

Chairs, blankets and cushions are available to make the practice comfortable. No prior experience is necessary. 

$52 or 16 credits

Mark Wax RYT-500

Mark has been regularly practicing yoga for over 15 years, studying many different styles and forms including years of intensive practice at the Himalayn Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and rural Southern Missouri. Further inspiration in his yoga teaching comes from experience in Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Aikido, Insight Meditation, and dance. He has experienced many of the extraordinary holistic healing benefits of spiritual practice firsthand and is passionate about sharing these myriad benefits in community. 

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